Monday, December 13, 2010


After quite an emotional afternoon that included me flipping out and thinking the worst, a very late voicemail with my results (but no beta level), scheduling my pregnancy ultrasound, calling the nurse back because she didn't leave my beta, was given a low beta (still an increase, but only from 365 to 484. wtf happened), had my heart deflate, crying and crying and thinking it was all over, calling back 3 times to try to talk to my nurse, finally talking to a nurse, and getting my actual beta...

beta #2 = 4,840
Thank you God!

Stupid girl (not a nurse, don't know who she was) checked my chart for me since the nurses were busy and I didn't want to leave a message.  Apparently she didn't see the zero on the end!  Seriously. 


  1. Wow, I'm sorry for the scare, but happy to hear you had an awesome beta!! =D

  2. I read your IF history and MAN! You've been through the ringer! I'm so ecstatic to see that RE#2 worked for you guys and your betas are incredible! Keep us posted!