Friday, December 24, 2010

ultrasound- 6 weeks 2 days

Here they are...

Baby A has a crown to rump length (crl) of 2.9mm

Baby A has a heartbeat of 115 beats per minute (bpm)

Baby B has a crown to rump length (crl) of 3.6 mm

Baby B has a heartbeat of 124 beats per minute (bpm)

We were able to hear both babies' big strong heartbeats!  You can see in the first picture that Baby A is very photogenic already.  In the third picture, Baby B is a bit more bashful, but in the bottom right area of the gestational sack is a whitish ring- the yolk sack. Baby B is directly above that. 

We were going to try to wait to tell people, but that didn't really work out too well.  We aren't blabbing just yet, but so far we told my mom, dad, Brooke, Dominick (Brooke and Nick's little man), Jamie's mom, dad, older sister, younger brother, and cousin Amber.  Nick was working, so we'll get him today when he gets out of work.

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