Sunday, December 5, 2010

this is new

TMI alert...

Here's the deal, for my previous four transfers, my memory is very fuzzy about how I felt and what I experienced (if anything) during the 2ww.  But there is ONE symptom/side effect/ whatever you want to call it that I KNOW I never had before; spotting.  Yesterday, when I went to the washroom in the afternoon, I had some brown spotting on my underwear and when I wiped.  I was fine the rest of the day, but had some cramping and twinges.  This morning, I've had a bit more cramping, although none of it compares to Thursday.  Just now, when I peed and wiped, I had pink spotting.  I know this has never happened before, so I have to assume that it's an ok thing.  Never spotted before, never worked before.  Maybe, just maybe, I'll get my miracle...  Maybe someone found a snuggly spot inside and the spotting is what got loosened up during the snuggle...  I have hope.  For now, I'm parking on the couch, going to take it easy, and think good thoughts, just in case my theory is right.


  1. Could be implantation spotting?

  2. Oh and in the world of IF and TTC, nothing is TMI!