Sunday, December 26, 2010

the day after Christmas = lazy day

So, at the ultrasound on Thursday, they also drew blood.  I wasn't expecting the results until Monday since they had super short hours on Christmas Eve, but I think my nurse knows what a spazz I am about waiting and wondering.  She was kind enough to leave me a voicemail on Friday.  Everything was perfect!  My progesterone was back up from the week prior (from 20 to 32 now).  My estradiol was at 706; they never gave me that one before, so I'm not sure how that compares.  My beta was 61,171.  And above all else, our ultrasound had shown two strong heartbeats. 

We had a great Christmas.  December is always a big month in our house- Jamie's birthday, our anniversary, Christmas, and other family member's birthdays.  Our pregnancy this month just topped it all.  Going into the November transfer my heart knew that the beta results would either make or break a lot of the celebrations this month.  There hasn't been a single day since we got our results on December 8th that I haven't praised God for blessing us with a baby, now 2 babies. 

Our babies are already loved and spoiled.  In the next day or two I'll take some pictures of the loot they've accumulated so far!  Brooke, Nick, and Lil D got us an adorable picture frame for our ultrasound photo that says "Now Showing".  My mom and dad got us two beautiful white blankets that say "baby" in pastel letters.  The lettering is slightly different (printing and cursive) so that way we could tell which baby is in which blanket!  =)  Jamie's parents got us a guardian angel statue to watch over me and the little ones.  There are a few more things we received before the holidays, but I'll share that in another post. 

And now, I'm planning on changing back into my pajamas and parking myself on the couch by the fire with Jamie and Greta and just watching football.

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