what I love

It's easy to get caught up with what you don't have and to lose sight of all that you do have.
In no real particular order (after the first section), my loves include:
my hubby- Jamie
my babies- Gabriella and Benjamin
my family- mom and dad
                Nick (my brother), Brooke (my bff/ sis-in-law),
                Dominick and Owen (my sweet, handsome little nephews)
**these people are my world, but there are others that I do love, too
my gentle giant who's watching us from heaven since 9-11-11: Greta the Great St. Bernard
my little lovebird- Presley

I LOVE cheese pizza, crispy french fries, pretty much anything chocolate, double stuffed Oreos that are opened up and made into quadruple stuffed Oreos, creme brulee, Starbucks white chocolate mocha, doughnuts from the bakery.  I LOVE watching reality tv like Jersey Shore, Survivor, Big Brother, Hell's Kitchen, junk on vh1 and mtv.  I LOVE flipping my pillow over to the cold side, relaxing in the bathtub, reading celebrity gossip magazines, baking, watching court shows, snuggling in bed, playing hookie, planting flowers, losing myself in a good book, laughing out loud, hearing Dominick laugh, travelling, people watching, teaching third grade, cheering at hockey games, busting a gut over the etrade baby commercials, singing with the radio, listening to Christmas music, remembering things from when I was younger, wearing pajamas, making a difference in someone's life, hugging Greta, taking pictures, quoting movies, making lists and crossing things off of them, saying hi to Mickey Mouse in person, and holding babies.  I LOVE BEING A MOMMY.