Saturday, November 17, 2012

World Prematurity Day

Today, November 17 is World Prematurity Day.  This year marks the second annual day of awareness worldwide.  This article is a decent place to start for raising awareness.  Over 15 million babies a year are born before 37 weeks.  The most shocking statistic for me though was that "along with stillbirths, prematurity claims the lives of about 4 million babies each year and is the leading cause of death in the newborn period."  

Gabriella and Benjamin were considered late term preemies at 34 weeks.  I realize that the differences between 24 or 25 week old preemies and my preemies are indescribable.  However, without serious medical intervention in the NICU at Christ Hospital for two full weeks for my sweet baby girl and for exactly one month for my brave little boy, I would not have them at home with me today.  I know this.  They absolutely would not have survived.  If not for the grace of God and the knowledge and skill of our medical team, our story would have ended in tragedy.

Gabriella Margaret - shortly after birth

my tiny Gabriella was such a trooper 

my first time feeding her, just 5 ml of breast milk was such a challenge for her

we were so blessed to be able to hold Gabriella about 10 hours after birth
Benjamin is in the incubator in the background, directly across from his sister

Benjamin Ryan - shortly after birth

my sweet Benjamin had to be stronger than any little baby should have to be

after 11 very long days, I finally got to hold my baby Benjamin in my arms, still intubated

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

on being thankful

It seems as though almost everyone is spending the month of November writing gratitude and thankful posts.  Although I deactivated my Facebook account days after Gabriella and Benjamin were born, I read a post from another blogger about how FB is being lit up with what people are blessed or thankful to have (all of the "blessed for my babies" were getting to her).  I think it's fantastic to publicly proclaim one's blessings.  I do.  I simply hope that they all appreciate who and what they have on a daily basis year-round.
If I were a better blogger perhaps I would have jumped on the bandwagon, too.  But I'm not a great blogger.  And lately I just don't feel like that great of a person.  I wake up every day and give the day everything I've got, but somedays I just have more to give than other days.  So, while I'm not documenting this month with the thirty things I am most thankful for, you better believe that I count my blessings each night.

My heart is heavy tonight for these two gals- Jenn (Stupid Stork passed the word along) and Leslie.  If you're the praying type, please add them to the list.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

pumpkin patch and Halloween

Last Friday we took Gabriella and Benjamin to a small, local pumpkin patch.  They really got a kick out of the straw maze!

And then yesterday, for Halloween, Gabriella dressed up as a pink birdie and Benjamin was a friendly dragon!