Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Good morning, Amanda...

Guess who has two thumbs and just threw up... this gal.

Yup, after days and days of nausea in the morning (and general queasiness and indigestion the entire day), I have finally succumbed to morning sickness.  I called my pharmacy because I had already taken a bunch of medicine, so I didnt' know if I should retake it.  They said nope.  So now, I'm just going to lay back down and relax. 

Tomorrow is going to be a big day; we have what should have been our first ultrasound.  Last Thursday they did a sneak peek one because of my bleeding, but this one should be a good one.  Last week we were already advised to not "talk numbers" with anyone for a while, meaning the number of babies that they spot.  I guess if there are multiples, they just worry early on about a vanishing twin or if there's more than two losing one of them.  I suppose I could see where they're coming from.  I just know that I am not a very good secret keeper when it comes to my own secrets.  I'm pretty good about keeping other people's secrets quiet, just not my own.  We'll just have to see what happens.  If we only see gestational sacks and yolk sacs, I wouldn't share.  But what it we see embryos?  What if we see a heartbeat?  That might make a difference.  But maybe I'd want to see the embryos and heartbeats a couple/few times to be safe...  This is some tough stuff.  All I am asking God for is that we are blessed with one healthy baby.  If there's more, then great, but please give us one.

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