Tuesday, December 21, 2010

an update that's not much of an update

Woo-hoo!  I'm 6 weeks pregnant today!  Things have pretty much been status quo for the last several days.  I've been feeling very nauseous throughout the entire day.  Apparently, I'm having quite the loss of appetite.  I was ravenous last week, but since Saturday I really don't feel hungry.  I make myself eat, of course, because baby needs nourishment.  I'm hoping this changes by Friday, since there is going to be an impressive spread of a lot of my favorite foods for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!  I also can't forget to mention the wonderful personal tropical vacations that I've gone on, mostly at night.  Holy hot flashes!  I woke Jamie up to take my temperature this morning to make sure it wasn't a fever. 

Other than that, I'm holding my own over here.  Jamie's been keeping busy with family parties, work, grocery shopping, and Christmas shopping.  My dad is off of work until after the first of the year, so he's been keeping me company and watching Christmas movies with me.  My mom checks in almost daily in person, but certainly over the phone at least once a day.  Brooke and I talk a bunch of times each day, as well as blast up each other's cellies with texts.  Nick (my bro/Brooke's hubby) stopped by yesterday.  When he asked how I was feeling, I told him great and I hadn't spotted since last Friday!  Poor guy kinda winced in pain and informed me that he didn't need to know that.  Bless his heart, even after having a pregnant wife himself and being in labor/delivery with her, some things can still be tmi. 

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