Thursday, December 16, 2010

first pregnancy ultrasound

We had our first pregnancy ultrasound done today, courtesy of my red spotting episode on Tuesday.  I spotted dark pink this morning, but I didn't freak out this time.  I drank water, laid down on my side, and practiced my "soup breathing".  Soup breathing is what elementary schoolers do to calm down.  "Imagine you have a big bowl of hot soup in front of you.  Breathe in through your nose.  Can you smell the soup?  Ooh, it's hot!  Breathe out through your mouth to cool the soup off."  =)

Ok, so fast forward to my appointment.  Everything looked good!  My cervix is perfect; no irritation, inflamation, or bleeding there.  Inside my ute, it was a beautiful day in the neighborhood.  No blood clots or anything else that may be the cause of the bleeding.  Since I'm on heparin twice a day, my nurse said that could be the cause.  If there's a drop of blood loosened up from somewhere, most women would just absorb a drop or two back into their bodies and never know.  Between the baby aspirin and heparin, my blood is running very thin.  So thin, that instead of being reabsorbed (like during implantation maybe), it may leak out.  Mix that withcervical mucus and urine when I pee, that one drop of already thin blood may look like more that it really is.  Makes sense to me. 

That being said, I'm ordered to strict bedrest for the next week, until my next ultrasound.  I'm going to have to go FMLA for my time off of school, but I already have the note from my physician and now my RE.  I'm out for the first trimester, and the strictness will be determined on a weekly basis.  I'm ok with all of this.  I will be missing a big family party on Jamie's side this Saturday.  I'll miss his sister's birthday get together on Sunday.  I'm effecting everyone's Christmas plans because even if I'm released from strict bedrest on the 23rd, Christmas Eve at our house won't be the same as it's always been with food and desserts.  I LOVE to bake.  I live for this time of year and all the baking it holds for me.  But it is what it is.  I will do whatever I'm told to do to maximize my chances of keeping my baby.  Plain and simple.

As I had "a moment" on the phone with Brooke (bff/sil) this evening, she reminded me that we'll all be together and that's all that matters.  She went so far as to say even if we make Tombstone pizzas in the oven, it'll still be Christmas and we'll still be together and I'll still be pregnant which is more important than anything else.  Gotta love that Brooke.  She's a clutch hitter, always coming through when I need her. 

Jamie, God bless his heart, has been running like a madman to get some of our Christmas shopping done.  Well, he has stepped up to the plate and plans on baking!  He's a good sport and would do just about anything to make me happy.  We still aren't decorated all the way, but we may not be this year.  Not a single present is wrapped.  I filled out our cards yesterday, but need stamps in order to send them.  We'll do the best we can, and as long as we have each other, our little one, and our family, nothing else matters. 

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  1. I am so glad to know that everything is OK!! Keep me posted!