Sunday, May 29, 2011

1st load of baby laundry

My baby shower is one week from today!  It's a combined event with my side and Jamie's, and I have to admit that I'm guilty of peeking at my registries.  I am already taken aback by how generous people have been.  I've had to add stuff twice to Babies R Us; it had been whittled down both times to the expensive Britax carseats for when the babies are bigger, a four pack of hats, and gift cards.  The Buy Buy Baby registry is also getting down to the wire- double stroller, matresses, and a bunch of smaller stuff.
All of that being said, since Jamie had to work OT yesterday it struck me that I should maybe make some order out of the baby things we already have.  I sat on the floor for close to two hours and clipped oodles of tags and little plastic connectors off of jammies, onesies, hooded towels, washcloths, blankies, socks, hats, and bibs.  Today we went to Sam's Club and bought 170 oz. of Dreft (for just over $24!!!  I'm going to delete it from BBB's registry because they have 100 oz. for $22.)  I washed my first load of baby clothes!  =)  They're drying now and the second load is going.  Unlike all of the other laundry that needs to be caught up on, washing, drying, folding, and sorting baby things is a lot of fun (so far). 

We are making progress inside the house, too.  My goal has been to wash, dry, and put away two loads of laundry a day.  In my meltdown post a few days ago I mentioned how backed up we were, and we've certainly made sizeable dent.  There's still a lot to clean and organize around here, but in addition to everything I listed before, I'm now coming up with other things that seem really important- like condensing our two linen closets and giving the babies the smaller one for all of their towels, washcloths, extra wipes, back up soaps and lotions, etc.  Maybe it's a bit of nesting?  I realize in the big scheme of things, no one would notice an organized linen closet, but they would notice 8 piles of dirty clothes on the floor!  I'm hopeful that betweentoday and part of tomorrow Jamie and I can get crackin' over here. 

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