Monday, May 2, 2011

nursery update- we're getting there

Jamie got the nursery all painted a few weeks ago, with just a bit of help edging from my dad.  He built the cribs, with some help from Greta.  And he got the furniture upstairs and in position, with some help from my brother.  We're in really good shape so far.  This weekend he and my dad are supposed to put the Peter Rabbit mural up above the cribs, but it might take a bit longer to get the woodwork purchased, painted, cut, and hung so pictures may be a while.  We also still need to figure out the closet situation (there's this weird bump out that eats up valuable space because the closet is over the staircase).  Oh, and we need window treatments.  We still have the paper shades up from when we moved almost three years ago.  Here's how it's looking:

Jamie and Greta hard at work, but pausing to smile at the camera!

Greta was whispering some words of encouragement to Daddy.

The picture doesn't do the paint color justice.  It's a beautiful, light, minty green.

The "fraternal" blankies that my parents bought for Christmas.  We're big Disney people in my family.  Jamie and I bought the baby Goofy rattle years ago, before we even started ttc.  How could we ever decide which baby would get it?  Luckily we didn't have to.  My parents went to Florida just a few weeks ago and were given the mission to find baby Donald Duck.  (We had bought one for Brooke's baby, before she even knew she was going to have one!)

This dresser will be our changing table once the babies arrive.  For now, it just displays some of their treasures.  (This wall looks darker than the rest from the sunlight coming in, I think.)

Closet and turny glider.  There's a matching ottoman, but since I'm not using it yet I don't like it just floating in the middle of the room.

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