Saturday, May 7, 2011

privacy setting

I have decided to change the privacy settings on my blog for a few reasons.  That being said- I'll keep it open for a few days so you all can have a chance to read this.  If you'd like to still have access, please leave your email address in a comment box and I'll send you an invite when I switch settings in a few days.  I believe even current followers need to get an invite to continue seeing posts.  If you're reading this and are a lurker (no worries- I used to lurk on blogs all.of.the.time. until I started my own!), come out and play.  =)  Leave your address so I can invite you, too.  If you'd rather not post your email address, feel free to send me a private email with it at:


  1. I would love to keep reading your blog!

  2. I'd love to keep following! =)

  3. Please invite me :)