Wednesday, May 18, 2011

appointments this week

I've been a bit lazy with this lately.  Here's what's been happening:
Monday- I had my first non-stress test.  I basically just sat in a recliner, and they put heartrate monitors on each of the babies.  Basically, once they get a basline heartrate, with me just sitting there doing nothing (hence the non-stress), each baby has to raise its heartrate from baseline to an increase of (I think) 15-20 beats, hold it there for (maybe) 10-15 seconds, and then have it return to normal.  This has to happen X amount of times in a certain time period to pass.  Although Baby B is very, very elusive, we eventually got a good strong trace on each of the heartbeats and both babies passed.  I go back tomorrow for another one and a biophysical ultrasound.  Not too sure what that exactly means, but I'll be sure to write about it once I find out.  Every Monday and Thursday until the babies arrive, this will be our routine.
Tuesday- I had another ob appointment.  These are pretty uneventful, in my eyes.  They check my weight, blood pressure, listen for hearbeats with the doppler (but they seldom tell me any numbers, we just listen), check my urine for protein, and then measure my tummy.  Everything went well.  I passed my glucose test from last week.  My liver functions were better than ever.  I am borderline anemic. Anything 10.5 or less is anemic, apparently, and I was 10.8.  Just to play it safe, my ob is starting me on prescription iron supplements.  They might cause constipation, so I have that to look forward to. 

Other than that... not much to report.

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  1. Ooooh man - extra iron supplements. Constipation was one of my biggest battles so far this pregnancy. I have been bowing down to those who created Miralax. :-) It has been a life saver, or so I feel like it has. LOL

    Is it common to go for non-stress tests with twins?

    I have twins on the way, but not much monitoring going on right now. Went at 16 weeks, next appt is at 20/21 weeks. I miss seeing them :-)