Saturday, February 4, 2012

weigh-in: week 4

Despite all of my efforts, I gained one frickin' pound this week.  I made a few mistakes, but not enough for this harsh of a consequence.  Seriously.  I really am kind of scratching my head as to how this happened.  So now my total dropped back to 8 pounds, and I need 6 to reach my goal of 14 by Valentine's Day.  Ha! 

Ok, so this week I will a.) more accurately track what I eat,  b.) eat more fresh fruit, and c.) drink at least 2 more servings of water each day.  I'll save eating more veggies and exercising for when I get really desperate.  I can't change what's been done this week.  I'll just learn from it and make some changes.  (I was super bummed earlier; I can't lie.)


  1. You should think about signing up on WW online. It really helps me keep track. There is also an app for your phone. You can track on the go and calculate anything.

  2. Just a small setback.

    Put last week behind you & move forward to a better week. I agree with WW online & the phone app. I am using "Calorie Counter" & it really helps keep track of what I am putting in my mouth! You set your goal weight & it will tell you how many calories you are allowed each day to reach that weight. Of course if you are breast-feeding then this might not be a good idea?! Wishing you much luck on a better week!