Tuesday, February 14, 2012

6 years in Heaven

6 years ago today was one of the worst days of my life.  Without a doubt it's in the top 2 worst days, so far.  Brooke's dad died very suddenly.  He had been in the hospital for less than a day.  I remember every single detail about the morning of February 14, 2006.  Not that much can make the sudden death of your best friend's dad, and your brother's future father in law any worse, but I need to add that Nick and Brooke were getting married in just 11 days... February 25. 

Dominick would have been dancing up a storm with the ladies at Nick and Brooke's wedding.  He would have been absolutely ga-ga over little Dominick (his namesake) and baby Owen.  He was such a kind-hearted, generous soul that was taken way too soon and is missed tremendously. 

It brings me some comfort knowing that we have the best guardian angel ever watching over us from Heaven. 

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