Sunday, February 5, 2012

a new little Saint

I'm super duper excited to announce that we've decided that we're ready for a puppy!  We've been eye-balling a Saint Bernard breeder in central Illinois for a few months now, and I've stayed in close contact with her.  She has a confirmed litter that is expected on March 26.  The male sometimes "has a hard time getting the job done, not for lack of trying".  My first thought was great, a dog with fertility issues, just what we need.  But date night was apparently a success.  We were the first put down our deposit, so we'll get pick of the litter.  The mommy, Bari, is a rough coat, aka long coat (like my Greta was), but the daddy, Quido, is a smooth coat, aka short coat, think fur like a lab but Saint colorings/markings.  We'll just have to see who catches our hearts.  So, we'll have a new fur baby at the end of May.  Gabriella and Benjamin will be almost a year, so they'll have a furry friend to grow up with, side-by-side. 

I'm so happy.  I really am.  But I'd be lying if I said that memories of Greta weren't weighing heavily on my heart in the last few weeks.  There aren't too many things that I wouldn't give up to have her back, healthy of course.  It's just kind of bittersweet right now - I'm happy to be getting a puppy soon, but I just wish we weren't "in the market" for one.  Here's the link for the breeder.

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  1. Beautiful dogs! Can't wait to see pics of your newest furry addition to the family! May this new puppy help heal your hearts & create wonderful memories like you had with your sweet Greta!