Tuesday, March 8, 2011

tummy shot: 17 weeks AND my phone call

Here I am, hopefully not looking at utterly exhausted as I feel:

Rewind to last night- At 9:15ish my ob calls back (without having to be paged, thankyouverymuch).  In a nutshell, part two of my sequential screening came back negative, which is awesome.  My odds of spina bifida are 1 in 1,100 (cutoff for a positive result was 1 in 145).  Now, with part one my odds for down syndrome based on just my age were 1 in 750, but after bloodwork it jumped to 1 in 1,200.  Here's what he wanted to chat about:  the cutoff for part two was 1 in 240.  Based on my age, my odds were 1 in 740, but after bloodwork it dipped a bit to 1 in 690.  Still well above what they'd worry about, but I don't like being a higher risk than I should be for my age.  He reassured me that everything has looked fabulous on our ultrasounds so far, and at the 20 week u/s, that'll really ice the cake that we're all doing great.  He went into a lot of detail about how with a "syndrome" more than one bodily function is affected, which is why he'll certainly be anxious to see the brains, hearts, kidneys, necks, and noses, but this momma knows that it'll all be picture perfect.  He inquired if I'd want an amnio (which he was NOT suggesting, but rather letting me know further testing could be done), but he and I had already talked about this at my first appointment and the risks do not outweigh the benefits.  1 in 200 amnios end in miscarriage, and they'd have to amnio both of my babies.  I don't f'ing think so!  He also brought up that if the hypothetical amnio showed anything, would that change anything for us (which, again, he already knew but just wanted to hear me repeat)?  No f'ing way!!!  I'm certain that both of my SnuggleBugs are fine and healthy, but God-forbid a baby had a medical condition, that would in no way shape or form change anything for me or Jamie.  I know he was just being extra cautious and giving us all of the information, but I still took it pretty hard.  The bottom line in terms of the testing is everything came back negative.  If we're talking black or white results, it's clear that we're all just fine and dandy.  There are always shades of gray, but trying to analyze them will make me crazy and can not do anything positive in the next three weeks for me or my beautiful babies.  So that's where we are.  Any thoughts and prayers that could be spared are always appreciated! 

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  1. Those are great odds. Remember they are "odds," not a a yes or no test. Nothing to worry about!