Saturday, March 19, 2011

nursery- part 1

Jamie has been off of work this week, so he was able to make some progress in the nursery.  He emptied the (former) computer room, went into the attic and ran cable to move the computer into Presley's room (our lovebird), and started priming the ceiling and walls.  Here are a few shots of what the room looks like, starting with a straight on view from the doorway and working clockwise around the room:

view from the door
the dresser/changing table will go between the windows

either the tall dresser OR a small bookcase (that I haven't found yet) will go between the closet and door

my chair and ottoman will go on this wall

the main event:  our Peter Rabbit Mural will go on the top section of this wall
both cribs will be underneath the mural, headboards in the back, facing out

Hopefully this weekend we can decide on a paint color for the walls.  It's still either going to be a very pale blue or light green that's pulled from the mural.  We're still unsure whether we want to have a ceiling light or just a lamp or two.  Jamie's an electrician, so putting in a box and the light fixture in the ceiling isn't a big deal, but he'd like to do it before the ceiling is painted if that's the way we're going to go.  I've been looking at nursery chandeliers that have a florally/gardeny feel to them to compliment the mural, but I'm not entirely gung-ho on any of them yet.  Here are a few that I've found so far:

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