Monday, March 7, 2011


So this evening just after 6, I missed a call on both my cell phone and our house phone (we weren't home) from my ob.  Last week I had the second part of the sequential screening done- just bloodwork, so it was not biggie.  My doc left a message at home saying that he had results from one of the tests to go over with me.  He'll be in tomorrow from 1-7.  I know the second part of the test was to get a more accurate picture for down syndrome and also spina bifida.  I am sure everything is totally fine and he just wants to give me the odds, but I'm still nervous.  I called back but got a recording.  They were there from 9-4 today, so when he even called, he was staying late, I'm sure with phones off to incoming calls.  I'm stressed.  Why couldn't he just have said "everything looks ok/normal/good/fine, but I want to go over the results tomorrow"?  I called my peri's office, and that dr was gone too, but I spoke to his receptionist (before knowing he wasn't there) to plead my case, not for specific results just a simple "no need to worry".  She was very understanding and tried to get me through to my ob on their backlines, but everyone was gone.  ::sigh::  I thought long and hard about paging the doc on call, but I know they won't have results to share, unless it was my guy (although there are only 2 of them...).  I called my ob back, all prepared to page, but when the recording said "if this is a medical emergency, please stay on the line and an operator will be with you shortly" I hung up.  This is not a medical emergency.  This is just a nervous first-time momma that worries a lot.  While nobody likes getting checkmarks by their name on a medical chart or receiving demerits, I'd risk it if I thought the chances were good I'd get results tonight.  So, my plan is this:  tell my principal and the secretaries that I'm waiting for a very important call from my doctor, call at 1:00 and leave a message with my school number if I can't speak to him right then, then when my call comes back, someone will just have to cover me so I can take it.  I refuse to play phone tag all day tomorrow.  ::sigh::  Here's hoping that tonight's not too long of a night and that I can sleep.

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