Friday, January 21, 2011

u/s: 10w2d (and graduation anxiety)

Yesterday's appointment went perfectly.  Here are our most recent pictures:

Baby A now has a c.r.l. of 34.6mm and a heartrate of 188bpm.

Baby B has a c.r.l. of 33.3mm and a heartrate of 179 bpm.

I just picked up the voicemail message from my doctor's office.  All of my levels are fine (I didn't ask for the numbers to be left), and they are starting to wean me off some of my meds.  My estrogen was every other night; now it will be every third night.  Progesterone in oil was every night; now we're going every other.  I'm a bit nervous about that, but it's a slow transition.  I'd probably be more worried if they hadn't dropped the bomb on me that Thursday's appointment will be my last.  I THOUGHT I HAD 2 MORE.  This makes me very uncomfortable- my chest is hurting.  That's it.  Thursday is it.  I just feel a little blind-sided.  I really thought I was kept until 12 weeks, which isn't until the following Tuesday, February 1.  I guess the good thing is that is when my first ob appointment is, followed by my sequential screening (which should be just like two really in depth ultrasounds.  Ok, so those two February 1st appointments will get me through that week, but OMG, what if my ob doesn't want me back for a month?  We're going to have to have a serious talk.  I can not, I repeat, can not go for a month without hearing their heartbeats or seeing them.  It's just an unacceptable option. 

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