Saturday, January 1, 2011

just when I thought life couldn't get much better- it did

Last night my family all got together to celebrate my mom's 60th birthday. I ate a ton of yummy Aurelio's cheese pizza, my mom opened her presents, and right after we sang Brooke and Nick took Dominick upstairs for a diaper change.  Lil D came down wearing a white shirt over his dress clothes.  I had anticipated that he'd be in his jammies because it was getting a bit late (for him, anyways!).  So in a split second I thought, "Maybe they're trying to keep cake off his outfit."  <it did strike me a bit weird that Nick still had his camcorder running>  Then Dominick, who's almost 21 months old turns around and his shirt says BIG BROTHER.  It took a second, but I jumped up and almost beat Nancy (Brooke's mom) to her.  My best friend is pregnant!!!  My official due date is still August 16, although I'll likely go early.  Brooke is due on August 31.  This is what Brooke and I plotted for three years ago; to be pregnant together.  Now it has finally happened.  My parents are going from 1 beautiful grandson to 4 grandbabies in no time at all!  Life sure happens fast.

Can you spot all 5 people in this picture?  I can!
Brooke is about 5 weeks pregnant and I'm just over 7 weeks.

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