Saturday, February 26, 2011

not being able to sleep = random catch up time

Who knew that the quickest, most simple middle of the night bathroom break could cause me to be awake for hours?  I mean, seriously... this is ridiculous.  I woke up at 1:34 for a pee break, went right back to my comfy bed, and bam!  One hour of tossing and turning later I decided to give up the fight and just mess around on the computer.  Ugh.  I just want to sleep; is that too much to ask?

It's official- I can feel my SnuggleBugs becoming WiggleWorms!!!  I had felt a few little *things* here and there before, but I didn't want to go blabbing in case it was just digestion or a gas bubble.  But since I have gotten the same sensations multiple times now- several times yesterday alone- I know it's my kiddos!

Tuesday's doctor's appointment:  long story made short, I've had this low, front and center tugging (I hate to call it cramping because that sounds serious and painful, and what I felt was neither of those two things) that I mentioned to my school nurse at the end of last week, talked to my family doc about on Monday's blood pressure check (which was 110-76, thankyouverymuch), and to my ob on Tuesday.  I also consulted two pregnant friends, Jamie, my mom, and Dr. Google.  Apparently, my ob is very protective of me and did not like to hear this.  He was a bit concerned that it could have indicated an issue with my cervix.  So he called the Maternal Fetal Medicine place and had them squeeze me in.  Excellent news, my cervix was measuring 35-36mm and was not funneling.  The u/s tech also wanted to hear the babies heartbeats, so while I had emptied my bladder completely for the trans-vag u/s, I still got a quick peak at the babies!  Their heartbeats were 149 and 154.  =)  Also, rewind back to the ob, I was measuring 19 weeks at my 15 week appointment- a full 4 weeks ahead. 

There's been a bit of drama at work.  One other girl and I are both up for tenure this year.  She got riffed, I'm getting tenured, and have already received my letter granting me one year leave to be with my SnuggleBugs.  I knew that there were going to be issues; it was just a matter of time.  This week, said issues began.  Another long story short is that she had inquired with the union how many days I have to work in the year to be tenured.  She came at me really shitty after school to talk about it and inform me that I have to work at least 100 days to be tenured.  "And with your fmla and all of the other days you took off before you were pregnant, you really need to watch it.  You've missed a lot of work."  So, that got me going.  I've been super distant to her since then and have vented to a few work friends that were shocked (sort of, they know how she rolls) at her audacity.  My whole thing is this: if she is ballsy enough to come to my face with this, what other maneuvering is being done that I don't know about?  That's not a good feeling to walk around with.  I know I'm golden for next year; that's not the issue.  I just don't like snakes!  The little "about me" blurb on my homepage says it all- I "would do anything for a friend. Just don't cross me because I have a hard time letting things go."  I openly admit this, yet she chose to take the low road on her way out of town.  And to boot, she had two terrible evaluations this year, has been reprimanded for her lack of classroom management and control for a long while now, and gossips to parents about private teacher issues regarding other students.  She could have been dismissed instead of riffed, but I think they threw her a bone. 

I think we're going to start registering this weekend.  Jamie's been ready for a long while, but I've wanted to hold off a bit.  Since I'm just shy of 16 weeks, I'm likely going to give in and let him begin.  We need to research the big ticket items (strollers, car seats, high chairs, etc) a bit more, but the fun stuff can get scanned.

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  1. Just wait until you get up 3-4 times a night to pee!!! It doesn't get any better. But you know's all worth it.