Sunday, February 20, 2011

nursery furniture

We've been going back and forth about the nursery for a while.  Which room should we use?  (we have a 3 bedroom house)  What color wood?  What kind of bedding?  Convertible cribs or standard?  The list of questions goes on and on.  Well, today was a big day.  We found and fell in love with a furniture collection.  My parents always told my brother and I that they'd like to buy the furniture for our baby's nursery.  They hooked up Dominick, and now they did the same for our SnuggleBugs.  In the spirit of fairness (since Nick and Brooke had 1 baby and we're having 2) we told them we'd cover the second crib, but they'd hear nothing of it.  So, while there's still a lot to figure out for the nursery, we've got furniture!

It's a beautiful French White color- much more beige than white.
This picture does not show how rich and creamy the beige is;
it's seriously not at all white!

We got 2 cribs, the tall 5 drawer dresser, and the low, long dresser to be used as a changing table.  It's all just fabulous!!!  The cribs are convertible, so that's going to change the layout of things a bit, but we'll figure it out. 

I've been on a Peter Rabbit kick for a while (admittedly, on and off).  In a perfect world this mural would be on the big blank wall in the nursery (framed out in matching French White wood trim so it looks like a picture in a frame), about half the height of the wall, the bottom of the mural being about where the top of the cribs would start, and with the two cribs side-by-side underneath it:
country landscape II

I don't know if there's enough room for my vision to become a reality.  Once we get the computer room emptied and the furniture set up, we'll see how it goes.  I'd likely pull a green or yellow from the mural to paint the remaining wallls, and keep the bedding very simple- just solid colors (yellow or green if we buy it ahead of time; pink, purple, or blue if we buy it after the babies are born and we see who we've been blessed with).  This is what I'm leaning towards now.  I'm sure it'll change a whole bunch of times in the next month or two, but any other serious contenders will certainly get blogged about!

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