Monday, February 14, 2011

tummy shot: (almost) 14 weeks on 2-14

Ok, so last week back at work was brutal.  My kids.were.monsters.  I don't even want to get into things at this point, but on Wednesday they made me cry in front of them.  So, anyways, it's a new week and a fresh start.  It was also our Valentine's Day party.  ::sigh::  I'm the grinch that stole all holiday parties from third graders, and I hate class parties.  The kids are wild and the room moms aren't much better.  But it's all over and done with, hopefully for a long while, and then I'll be on the room mom side of things. 

My Valentine baby shirt:

I got this shirt on clearancefor ten bucks.  silver, light pink, and hot pink glitter writing

Last week I was simply wiped out, missed my 13w tummy shot, and by Wednesday my kids got me sick.  I'm still fighting it off.  Go ahead and try to tell me that there's not a huge difference in two week!  =)  I think I officially look pregnant, which we all know I have been dying for.

almost 14 weeks (13w6d to be exact, but close enough)

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  1. Definitely sportin' a baby bump :) And I am lovin' the shirt - super cute!