Monday, November 29, 2010

what's done is done

Yesterday was my big day, and everyone was invited!  Not literally.  I invited God to be part of my day (as always) by paying a visit to His house.  I had my acupuncturist join in the fun.  And where would I be without having various hands of my medical team working their magic?
Here's how my day went:
7:45 pineapple core followed by breakfast buffet of medicine
8:30 grape juice
9:00 went to church with my family
10:00 home to change and gather my prayer stuff to bring with
11:00 acupuncture
12:30 quick stop at Buy, Buy Baby
1:00 arrived at doctor's office
1:15 Dr. Ding (I love his name) showed us our 2 beautiful embryos
1:45 ultrasound- I am informed that I did not drink anywhere near enough water.  She can't even see my uterus.  I start crying, am told not to panic, and proceed to pound 3 bottles of water. 
2:15 ultrasound- everything is beautiful, get the doc
2:30 I have 2 perfect embryos snuggling in.
Here are two changes from my old RE- 
At RE#1, after the transfer you'd lay there 5 minutes, get up and pee, get dressed and go home. 
At RE#2, after your transfer you don't move, they catheterize you to empty your bladder, invert the table so your feet are higher than your head, and you lay there for 15 minutes
2:45ish (not sure, a lot of blood rushed to my head on the tipped back table!)  I go and get dressed and get my discharge instructions. 
3:30 home and staying horizontal the rest of the night, per doctor's orders

Here's my photo journey:

my St. Gerard handkerchief, my St. Philomena chaplet, and my St. Anthony prayer card
My grandma used to always say "Holy Tony, cut out the baloney and help me (fill in the blank).

For all of my transfers in the past, I wished we had taken a picture to show our baby(s) how happy we were to be going to get them before the procedure.  This time I remembered! 

our purchase- a Cookie Monster bib
The stars of the show!  Hopefully 40 weeks from now one of these beauties will be wearing that bib. 
The bottom 2 pictures show our perfect, gorgeous, grade 1A, 5 day expanded blastocysts.
The top picture shows them both emerging after the assisted hatching.

The small bright white mark, just north of the syringe, is where my 2 embryos are.  It's hard to see, but trust me, it's there!

And now the waiting game begins, along with all the magic.  Any thoughts and prayers that can be spared and thrown my way are greatly appreciated.

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  1. It sounds like everything went great! I hope to hear of your good news soon!