Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I had another u/s and lab appointment yesterday.  They were hoping that my lining was at 10mm.  I was a bit nervous because I wasn't even on estrogen for a full week yet.  But my dear ole uterus came through for me once again, pulling in a strong 12.5 mm!  Since I have to be a buzzkill and worry about everything, I did ask if it can ever get too thick.  My nurse poo-poo'ed that thought!  She said Dr. Ding's, the embryologist whose name I just love to say, lucky number is 12.  He's tickled pink to have a lining reach 12 by transfer and here I was already there!  (insert a big sigh of relief)

My transfer will be on Sunday.  I received 1 mL of progesterone in oil this morning (oh, how I have missed those welts!)  and start doxycliclene tonight for 10 days (which is longer than RE#1).  Tomorrow I will increase pio to 2 mL and keep it there until my beta (and beyond, I hope).  I have acupuncture this afternoon, but I did give her a call already to see how she felt about Sunday.  I heart Dr. Liu; she's coming in Sunday morning just for me!  So, on my way to the transfer, we'll stop for some needles at 11.  Since I don't have to be at the doctor's office until 1 for a 2 o'clock procedure, depending on my emotional state, there may be time for a quick stop at Buy Buy Baby for a bib/onesie/rattle just to set the right mindset and tone for the next 2 weeks.  It's been a looonngg time since I felt the desire or hope to make a baby purchase, so we'll see how it goes.

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