Thursday, November 18, 2010

the game plan

So, yesterday's appointment for my ultrasound and bloodwork went well.  I started my meds last night.  I am a bit skeptical because I am taking so much less medicine for this fet than I used to with my first RE.  Seriously, so much less.  Here's the lineup:
1 prenatal vitamin
3- 500 mg metformin (throughout the day)
***I've had these going already.
1 baby aspirin
5,000 units of heparin, every twelve hours, subcutaneous in my stomach
0.2 mL of delestrogen, every other night, intramuscular in my booty

That's it.  No Lupron.  No little blue smurfy Estrace tablets.  No Alora patches.  I go back on Monday to check my uterine lining.  If it's at 10 mm, I'll start progesterone oil and antibiotics.  If it's not quite there yet, I'll be rechecked at the end of the week.  Clearly, there is a significant change in protocol. 

I am working very hard on staying positive.  Big changes will yield big results.  In addition to the medicines that have changed, I also:
- have been going for acupuncture
- have some fabulous new embryos to work with, although I often think about the ones still in cryo
- have been wearing a fertility bracelet with moonstone, rosequartz, aventurine, and an elephant charm
- have continued to pray to Saint Gerard, Saint Philomena, and Saint Anthony
- have found some kooky things that are worth a try (drinking 100% concord grape juice, keeping my feet warm and sleeping with socks on, and I will be eating a pineapple core for 5 days after my transfer because it contains bromelain which may help with implantation)
- have found positive fertility affirmations that I repeat throughout the day to myself (mind over matter?)

I have to smile as I think about some of the things I am "doing differently".  I guess I'm just at the point where I'll give anything a try.  None of it can hurt.  And if infertility ever takes me down, I'm going down swinging!

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