Saturday, November 12, 2011

bitten by the craft bug

I love to craft!  Well, I like to think I love to crafts.  I don't have a very good track record, though, and for any betting-types out there the odds are usually pretty high that I won't finish my project in a timely manner, if at all.  That being said... Once again I am super excited to spend money that we don't have, on supplies for projects that I'll never finish start some awesome new projects.  I ran out today and got the supplies after seeing this little beauty and getting directions from theidearoom :

See, see, see, I'm so excited about this one that I jumped right in!

only about another thousand felt circles to cut out and pin down
I already stuck myself really, really hard with a straight pin. 
Who saw that coming???

And, and in this bag (that's just taunting me- It's like they know I won't be done by Christmas.) is stuff for a present that I'm trying to make for Brooke for Christmas:

And, and adorable fleece for no-sew blankies for Gabriella and Benjamin for Christmas:

And I want to make these cute felt hooties:

Never you mind the following evidence that the wreath will never come into contact with my walls:

Our wedding scrapbook.  We'll be married 6 years next month.

half-started, half-completed pages
I really do have the best intentions when I start my projects!

See, the honeymoon pages of Our Wedding scrapbook are all done.  I don't totally suck!

Summer 2010 I decided to re-pursue painting. 
My Bachelor's degree included a double major in studio art and graphic design, minor in art history.

Greta's scrapbook.
Again, the papers and photos and embellishments are laid out, I just have to do it.
Admittedly, once we found out she had cancer, I wanted to spend my free time with her,
not working on a book about her.

And ::sigh:: the baby afghan I've been crocheting for years.
I'll keep you posted as to how all of this craftiness turns out...  stay tuned!

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