Thursday, April 26, 2012

embracing the camera

I recently came across this adorable family blog.  A once weekly bit that she participates in  is *embrace the camera*.  The link below is the info page on her site, but in a nutshell it's all about mommies getting into more pictures!  Ummm, hello.  That's me.  Even before the babies, when Jamie and I would go o n vacation there would be about 300 pictures of him and like 6 with me in them.  It was like he had his own photographer documenting his travels.  I swear, people would ask "hey, didn't you go with Amanda?"  =).

Anyways, one of my new year's goals was to make sure to take pictures of Gabriella and Benjamin every week, video at least every other week, and once a month to get pics of me and Jamie with the babes.  The first two goals weren't too hard; it was pretty much already happening.  It's that last one... get in the pictures that I haven't rocked it on. 

I got a tripod for my DSLR for Christmas, so we have set it up and used the self timer for a few whole family shots, but not as often as I had hoped.  And definitely not enough candid, natural, silly, normal, this is our life shots.  It's my own fault.

I am guilty of sliding down the slippery slope of being a stay at home mommy - I don't take a shower every day.  I don't wear make up every day.  Some days I stay in my jammies and go right back to bed in them at night.  And some days when I do get dressed it's sweats and tshirts.  ::sigh::  So, I'm a bit self conscious and not wanting to hop in pictures looking all raggedy.  But then I read Emily's Embrace the Camera page.  And what she said makes sense.  I know she's right. 

One day all that will be left of me for my kids, besides their memories of course, is pictures.  They won't care if mommy had greasy roots in her ponytail.  Or unconcealed dark circles.  Or pimples.  (oh, the pimples!  I went back to the derm yesterday, btw)  They'll treasure the  pictures of their mommy and them and likely wish they had more, no matter how many there are.  I know I do with my baby pictures.  I LOVE seeing my mom and dad with me and my brother in the albums.  Never once have I ever thought 'mom should have put makeup on/ fixed her hair/ worn nicer clothes'.

So, I took the leap and got into some pictures.  My first day I was still in my jammies, not a touch of makeup.  Yesterday, I ran upstairs and put a little powder and blush on, fixed my ponytail, and threw on a cute tee and sweats.  I used the self timer to get me with both babies.  I took a few shots of me individually with Gabriella and Benjamin holding my arm out to get us in the frame. 

And ya know what?  It wasn't too shabby.  I'm totally uploading later today to share my results!!!

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