Wednesday, April 4, 2012

the big guy's first word

Yesterday was another big day!  Benjamin said his first word... momma!!!  =)

We were by Nick and Brooke's house in the evening to celebrate Dominick's 3rd birthday (again, his party was on Sunday but we just had to see him on his actual birthday for cake and more presents!)  Benjamin was in their jumperoo and was at an angle where he could not see me at all, although I was just sitting behind him.  If I leaned forward I could touch him.  He started to get a little bit fussy, started chattering a bit, got a little more upset, and let loose with 'momma'.  Within maybe ten seconds, he got pretty upset and was just 'momma, momma, momma, momma' until I picked him up.  Then all was right with the world very quickly. 

To prove it wasn't a fluke, Benjamin did the same thing just a bit later.  My mom was holding Ben in the living room with Jamie and I was in the kitchen.  Jamie called out for me to join them, and Benjamin was a bit upset again and just saying 'momma, momma, momma' until his mommy appeared! 


  1. What? The both of them speak within days of each other?? Ugh - they are getting big way too fast! What a wonderful milestone!

  2. I know! Benjamin was a month behind Gabriella with rolling and eating baby food, but he must have been working on other skills, like talking!!! =) It's so bittersweet.