Tuesday, December 6, 2011

baby updates

We took Gabriella to the dermatologist this afternoon.  As soon as we unwrapped her bandaged nuggin' the doctor said that there was no need for the laser.  Beyond excited!!!  Her ulceration has been healing beautifully and the hemangioma has also made positive changes.  We were in and out in about twenty minutes. 

News on the Benjamin front- I called Early Intervention and did his background information yesterday.  A developmental therapist, physical therapist, and his case manager will be out next Tuesday to evaluate his development.  Our concerns are with his neck, core, and trunk muscles.  In order to qualify for services, he would have to have a 30% (or greater) delay.  I cried.  I want him to get any and all help that he needs, but shit.  30%  is a lot of percent.  The case manager understood my fear and basically broke it down like this: Although he's 5 months old, we use adjusted age up until he's two for all milestones.  So they'll be looking at him as if her were 3.5 months old.  If there is a delay, we'd rather close the gap sooner than later. 

Just for conversation's sake, let's imagine a 50% delay.  It's less catching up to do for a "3.5" month old to be only reaching milestones like an almost 2 month old than it would be for a 2 year old to be developmentally at a 1 year old level.  Huh... that made me feel better, but I still just want my baby to be ok.  Ultimately it's not about me or my feelings though; it's whatever's best for my little man.

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