Thursday, December 1, 2011

Right now I'm...

Things have been a bit crazy and stressful over here with Gabriella lately.  Her hemangioma ulcerated back when she was at Children's, but it's gotten a lot worse.  My baby girl has been in some serious pain.  We're on the road to recovery now (I think), but Tuesday she's going to have laser treatment done on it.  I've been warned by the doctor that Gabriella will scream while it's happening, but it'll be over quickly.  Jamie is taking the day off (his birthday, by the way) because I'm just not willing to do it on my own. 

I've seen this on a few different blogs and thought it would be an easy, fun post.  So here goes.

Right now I'm...

obsessing over: all kinds of crafts and diy that I started or want to start, brownies from Weber's bakery (hint, hint Jamie), bills

anticipating: Jamie's birthday party this weekend, Gabriella's laser treatment, Santa's arrival

thinking about: decorating the tree, taking the babies' Christmas card picture, all of the Christmas stuff I have to do, how much has changed in a year

working on: making a few Christmas presents, getting the babies on a schedule of sorts (ha!), putting up Christmas decorations, cleaning the house for Saturday

wearing: blue striped pajama pants and one of Jamie's t-shirts (I'm dangerously close to being the frump that wears a "this is my sexy lingerie" nightgown to bed)

wishing:  Gabriella heals quickly, Benjamin gains more weight, Greta was still here, time slows down

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