Tuesday, June 21, 2011

32 week celebration!

We have made it to 32 weeks!  I will be having Oreo pie from Baker's Square to celebrate!!! 

I got the results of my 24 hour collection from Sunday, and the protein level went down again.  I'm currently at 280, which is back in normal limits (<300).  My bp is ok, although when I look at my notebook, since Thursday each day it's crept up a bit.  Thursday we had 4 top number readings in the 120s, 1 in the 130s, and 1 in the 140s.  Today I've had 2 in the 130s and 2 in the 140s so far.  Clearly, there's a slight trend, but I showed my ob my book, he made copies of my pages, and didn't seem too concerned at this point.  Each day that the babies are inside babies is a blessing.  While I am certainly taking it one day at a time and am thankful for each day, I want a bigger goal to aim for, not just "get through tonight".  That being said, it has been repeated to me numerous times that for each day the babies stay in, it's about 3 less days in the nicu.  So, I figure on the conservative side, 3 days in is about 1 week less in the nicu, and while I want to make it through tonight, then tomorrow, then Thursday, and so on... I'll be doing a happy dance every 3 days.  I've got my sight set on Friday (32w3d). 

Despite having a growth ultrasound last Monday in the hospital, our regularly scheduled one is for Thursday, after my nst and bpp.  I'm so excited to see how much my SnuggleBugs will have grown in 10 days.  Baby A was 3lbs13oz and B was 3lbs7oz.  Baby A should certainly be over 4 pounds by then, and I'm hopeful that B is closing in on the 4 pound mark. 

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