Friday, April 29, 2011

a whole lotta nothing

I've been sick since Sunday night (sinus congestion, pressure in my entire face and ears, low grade fever for three nights, sore throat- all around good times over here).  I paged my ob Wednesday morning to see what he could offer me to gain some sort of relief.  He prescribed me a zpack and ok'd me for sudafed and claritin.  Not much else has been going on over here.  I just have pretty much been laying around, drinking water, taking lots of baths and showers (not too hot though!) to loosen things up, and reading. 

I did make a list today of things to do now that I'm a stay at home mommy-to-be.  Once I feel better I'll get cracking on it, but here it is:
-work on Greta's scrapbook
-crochet my babies' afghan (the one I started long ago, mentioned here)
-work on my project for Brooke's new baby (it's been on hold for the last month while all of my energy went to Greta)
-clean (umm, yeah...)
-hang out with Greta
-visit Dominick
-and of course, maybe give a bit more attention to my blog

I haven't taken a tummy shot in a few weeks.  This week I just felt (and pretty much looked) like garbage, so I didn't feel the need to document it.  I'll get back on track, though!

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