Thursday, March 15, 2012

what the babies have been up to

The weather here is crazy... it's mid 70s!  We're totally taking advantage of the unseasonably high temperatures and going for walks in the double stroller. 

Gabriella had front row seating!

Benjamin enjoyed having bars to rest his feet on and was very interested in how the straps worked!

Benjamin took his first nap in his crib in the nursery today! 

my little Benjamin, having sweet dreams
lullabies, loose swaddle (arms free), paci, and shh-shh puppy

We're slowly trying to get both babies in there for naps, but not overnight yet.  The American Academy of Pediatrics' safe sleeping guidelines {click full text, and it's recommendation 3} for reducing the incidents of SIDS has as one of their recommendations that babies co-sleep (but never co-bed) until the age of 1.  Gabriella is still sleeping the the NapNanny because of her reflux.  Knock on wood, she's been doing great, so we're trying to transition her back to the bassinet so she's laying flat, and then after she's used to that, she'll try out her crib for naps.

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