Monday, October 1, 2012

Gabriella's exciting news

I am beyond excited to report that today was Gabriella's first day off of ALL medicines!  I still have the spreadsheets that we were using to keep track of it all upstairs in the nursery.  Last November/December when her hemangioma ulcerated, Gabriella was getting medicine 17 times a day.  Yup, 17 times a day- propranolol 3 times. no sooner than every six hours with a meal, hydrocodone every 4 hours around the clock for pain management, zantac 3 times a day, prilosec once a day, prednisolone once a day, mineral oil twice a day, regranix once a day applied topically.  Even once things settled down, she's still gotten a minimum of 3 doses of medicine a day.  So, when you range anywhere from 3-17 times a day having to administer medicine, today was an exciting day for us!!!  She's come a long way.  Every day this sweet little girl just amazes me and melts my heart with her beautiful spirit.