Monday, October 24, 2011

Benjamin's gear

I've been trying to get my act together for this post for a while now.  Here's Benjamin's set up:

apnea monitor:  left side tracks his heart, right side tracks respirations
bottom right is the plug for his leads

connector from apnea monitor to the leads on his chest
white is right was how we were told to remember which lead goes where

my little trooper with the leads on him, all day every day
the white sweatband thingy helps keep them in place
if they shift too much alarms go off

pulse oximeter (aka, pulse ox)
red number tracks where Ben's oxygen saturations are
green number is heart rate

pulse ox (like a little ET phone home light)
measures oxygen levels in the blood

oxygen tank and humidifier

Benjamin is making huge strides in the last few weeks.  We were able to start weaning his oxygen settings as long as he satted 94 or above.  He has been off of oxygen (day and night!) since last Sunday.  Once we get his apnea monitor downloaded again this week and evaluated, we may be able to dicontinue his home nurse and all of the gear.  Benjamin's new pulmonologist wants us to keep the pulse ox and an oxygen tank in the house in case he gets a cold.  If he gets congested he'll certainly have a hard time breathing and would need the support.  And we want to avoid the hospital at all costs!

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